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Events / Concert

Two Scales


June 30, 2024


01:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Two Scales is a music duo based in the Roanoke area. Hailing from opposite ends of Virginia, Chloé and Stewart Scales met at the Floyd Country Store in 2012 and have played music together ever since (including at their own wedding in 2016). Their style combines musical genres from a wide range of places and eras. Stewart’s specialty is bluegrass and Appalachian folk; Chloé is primarily influenced by Celtic music, the folk movement of the 1960s, and historical tunes dating back to the Middle Ages. Although there are only two individuals in Two Scales, they travel with many instruments. Each show usually includes Stewart’s guitar and banjo, and Chloé’s cello, harp, and mountain dulcimer.

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